Monday, January 19, 2015

Fun Filled Saturday and Sunday - Beads and Sawing

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Can I say that this quote has been right for me for the last year! It has been a year since my house was put on the market and I had a buyer (January 16th) - I am STILL waiting on the bank to approve the sale of my house. This has been an all consuming, heavy weight around my shoulders and mom's shoulders. I am tired of letting it control my life - I haven't wanted to do anything - and I say enough is enough!

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So, this weekend I made the decision - I am going to have fun and not think about the damn house or anything work related. Just fun, fun, fun!!!!

So, on Saturday I went out into the garage to torch. I have not made any beads in over a year - so was a little leery about making them - did I even remember how? But I was bound and determine to do this because I wanted to make beads to go with the January ABS challenge piece that mom is sawing out.

This is mom sawing out the main pendant for the necklace. There are three circles she is also sawing out to go with the necklace too.

You can see two of the frit colors I choose to make beads with. You only see the black glass but I ended up getting out yellow and turquoise too.

The top beads are my test beads - to see if I liked the base bead and the frit I picked out. Mom yells at me if I don't make two beads for the tests - then we can at least use those beads to make earrings if we don't like how they turned out. Which these will be earrings because both mom and I don't like the test beads. 

We both loved this set of beads I made - so I made about 10 more of them on Sunday.

Since I had such a great time on Saturday making beads I decided to make some more beads on Sunday. It is taking everything I can not to go into the kiln and open it up to see all the pretties I made. I made three different new beads I don't usually make, and four more sets of test beads to see if I like the base color with the frit. There is a Sangria I did that I am not sure about - I wasn't happy with the beads when I put them in the kiln - so crossing my fingers when I take them out I will be much more happy with them.

On Monday (because we are off from work for MLK holiday) I would like to try and make lampwork headpins. I have never done it before - so this should be really interesting.

Sawing bench in the computer room
After I made beads I went into the computer room to saw. While I was torching mom was sawing and when mom was taking a break I was sawing.

These are all the pieces that have been sawed out and we need to file and sand them. We do seem to have a zoo going on with the animal pendants/plates.

These are the pendants I thought I would try to saw out the interiors - because they are easier to do than the ones set aside for mom - I leave the harder ones for mom :) She loves to saw so why should I deprive her of something she loves :)

So, that was our fun filled weekend - how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds (and looks) like the best kind of week-end, just making art. This month's challenge painting is over the top with color, and I'm looking forward to your reveal!!

  2. Sorry Bout the progress on your home! My niece went through the same thing and it took 9 months. I do not understand the delay!

    I saw your beads on Fb today..fabulous! You already know that I am constantly amazed at both of you for your sawing capabilities....amazing!

  3. Oh wow! That peacock is going to be splendid!

    And I know what you mean about house stressing. I have been trying to buy the house that we now rent and it has been a headache. So I zoned yesterday playing a video game.


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