Monday, January 5, 2015

First Post of the New Year

I forgot to share these ornaments I made for my awesome instructors at Studio b. With the help of mom, I enameled small pendants and then mom made bows at the top to have the pieces as either an ornament or a pendant they could wear. I even enameled a different snowflake on each side of the pendants so they could switch them around if they wanted. I am really happy with the way they turned out - so going to have to make more for next year!

It started snowing yesterday - so I braved the cold to get some pictures before it melted or froze - whichever it decided to do.

The above picture is of Mr. Squiggly Wiggily - I love how his eyes are staring at you :)

Our wine bottle sculpture - and no we didn't drink all of those bottle of wine. Our friends, who own Sleepy Creek Vineyards, gave us a large tote full of wine bottles to play with.

At Studio b they are having a fitness challenge - I actually have 28 snow balls on the snow man. I should be able to finish up the snowman tonight (Tabata and Zumba classes).  It is a good thing too because I think I am starting on a sinus infection - which is not part of plan to finish off the fitness challenge. I am actually breaking down and going to our Center for Healthy Living to see the doctor to nip this before it gets any worse. I so want to get at least 12 more snowballs before the challenge ends on Saturday. I will keep you guys informed on how I do.

That is it for now - mom and I are hoping to be working in the studio this weekend. So, there might actually be more pictures of pieces we are working on later.

Take care and happy new year!!!!

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