Monday, January 12, 2015

Fitness Challenge Completed and Then Sickness

Well - I am very proud of myself - I got my 30 snowflakes on my snowman. I am disappointed I didn't get anymore because I ended up getting sick and not finishing the final week of the fitness challenge. I started a sinus infection and then I think I got the stomach bug that was going around. I got my last snowflake on Monday and headed home and crashed.

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This is pretty much how I felt from Tuesday to Saturday. I think the only time I left my side of the house was to go over and get something to drink from the fridge. I HATE being sick!!!!

Jan. ABS drawing

Mom and I want to start doing the ABS monthly challenges again - mom started drawing up ideas this weekend. The above image is the first version - I don't think she was happy with me for posting this because she has changed the drawing again. I like the second version a lot better. Depending on how she feels this week she will start sawing out this piece and maybe I can get some enameling done this weekend.

This morning was fun driving to work - we had freezing rain come through Sunday night and then as I was driving to work it was snowing. I don't think I went over 30 mph the whole time to work. Of course there were the idiots (in trucks and SUVs) who think they are invincible and can do anything flying by me. That is alright - I want to make it to work in one piece. I liked the way the trees looked - picture from the parking garage next to my building.

Depending on how I feel today I might go out at lunch and take pictures. Of course it is cold out - that plan may change :)

Have a great week everyone!!!!

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