Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still Not Blogging, a Little Pity Party and a Few Flower Pics

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Well, as you can see I am still having issues writing anything.  Not sure what is going on but mom and I are just not motivated to do anything in regards to our blog, sawing, enameling or lampworking.  We do have our pieces almost read for next weekend's Bead Soup Blog Party but that is about it.  We both need a swift kick up the rear to get motivated that is for sure!!! 

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I think mom and I are frustrated, confused and depressed.  I think it happened after the last show we had - we both love what we do but it doesn't seem to sell.  I think we are beyond reasonably priced, I think we create gorgeous things, but I don't know what our problem is - we can't sell our pieces.  Both mom and I are wondering if we are deluding ourselves with what we are creating - that the pieces aren't really good enough to sell.  I think that is another one of our issues - insecurity.  Why keep creating when it doesn't sell.  A lot of people seem interested in what we do, they like what we do, but we can't sell.  And mom and I have to sell so we have money to buy more supplies because that is the only way we can keep going with our passion - which seems to have fizzled. 

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I know we need a swift kick in the rear, but I think it is also we are both stressing about my house selling, still trying to get over the construction year of hell, and fixing moms yard because it still looks like crap (the contractors told us when they were done it wouldn't even look like they had been there - nope - still a large mess!).  I think that is what is really bringing us down - mom's yard was her baby and her baby is destroyed right now - it is going to take a lot of work to get the yard back to the way it was and it just seems to be a daunting task right now.  I told mom she needs to break it down into sections so we don't kill ourselves trying to fix it all in one day.  I will have to take pictures to share what it looks like now and hopefully what it looks like when we are done (lots, lots, lots, lots of work ahead).

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Sorry about that - I think I need to actually write that out to see what a baby I am being.  But sometimes it just seems overwhelming but I need to put my big girl panties on and march on troop!

Okay - enough of that - onto flower pics.

Over by the Pao Visual Performing Arts building on campus

Over by the Union on campus
Yesterday was a gorgeous day - a little windy - but I could deal with it especially since it snowed this same time last week.

These were flowers that were outside my building when I came to work last Tuesday.  It sure looks pretty with the snow on the flowers but I sure could deal without the white stuff!

But the rest of the week, the weekend, and this week has been gorgeous.  So, more flower pictures will be coming because things are a blooming around campus.

Both mom and I will try and do better on the creation front.  I will also try to keep the pity party to a minimum in the future - so sorry about that.  I hope the flower pics made up for my pity party.

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  1. Hang in there, girls! Maybe this is a turning point, you know, the place where you take stock and forge a new direction that will suit you. I have been in the doldrums lately as well, all but fallen off the face of the blogging universe due to some family issues. I am backed up into early March trying to push on through but it just isn't happening. But I know that it will turn around, that things will get better, just as the sun returns and the flowers start blooming to give us hope! Thank you for the beautiful florals. Know that I am thinking of you! Enjoy the day. Erin


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