Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Flower Pics of 2014

Mom on Purdue taking pic of the horse sculpture

Yes, mom and I are alive.  I have been a little busy and some issues need to be resolved for myself.  I will try and post a longer explanation later - especially of what went on in March - there was a lot going on.

Today was a gorgeous day in Indiana so we thought we would go over to the hort park to take some pics of what flowers are blooming.  Then go to my house and clean up the yard and then go back to mom's house and work a little bit in her yard.

Me down in the dirt trying to take some good macro shots of the Grecian Wildflowers
My house and the yard cleaned up to look nice for the curb appeal.  I have had two offers on the house - of course we are waiting for my mortgage company to assign someone to the paperwork - that was submitted two months ago - yes, I said two months ago with no one working on the paperwork.  So, if you know of any saint statues I could bury to get the mortgage company to move faster than molasses I am taking suggestions.
So, here are some pics of the flowers we took today.  I won't bore you with too many.

I hope to post more later.  Have a great weekend!!!!

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