Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Brings More Flowers

This past weekend mom and I went to Lowe's a total of four times and one of our local flower stores to pick out flowers for mom's yard.  I thought I would share some more flower pictures with you.

I hope that you enjoy the prettiness of spring!!!!

Mom and I have a show this weekend.  I hope that motivates us to start creating again - we are still in a funk -but I think mom is feeling better after we started to work in her yard.  I think mom is going to call a lawn person to see about ripping up the rest of the yard and laying down sod.  Cross your fingers for us.  That still means we have four yards of dirt we need to get off her driveway - though mom says she has a plan for that.

I hope to get out of this funk and start blogging more - I know it has been really quiet here!

I hope your first day of May is going awesome!!!

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