Thursday, March 27, 2014

Busy Creating New Necklaces This Week

Stringing a choker necklace
The last few nights mom and I have been reassembling necklaces and creating new necklaces for the show this weekend.  Monday I reassembled three necklaces (the pendants were cracked and had to fix them in the kiln) and mom reassembled our circle necklace (pendants were cracked or chipped and had to be fixed in the kiln) that has jump rings.  Mom has stronger hands than I do, so yes, I make my mom work with the jump rings!!!

Southwest Twist - was restrung because it was a small, very small choker
 Tuesday was the night mom and I were stringing the two choker necklaces - each strand was over 50 inches long and there were four strands to string.  I think it took us almost three hours to string but we are both happy with the way they turned out.

The Southwest Twist was a challenge piece from Erin's Toast of the Town Necklace Hop.  The beads used were Turquoise dyed howlite cross 16mm, red chips dyed bamboo coral beads (2 packages), and reconstituted turquoise (16x20mm).  We created the enameled copper "Red" toggle clasp for the challenge.  Mom and I loved this piece so much we wanted to make another one.  So, we used a different pattern for the toggle clasp and I enameled it white with purple. The beads we used were dyed purple crazy laze agate of various sizes.

Iris pendant - lace agate - our lampwork beads
Bib pendant
Bib pendant from Jan's ABS Challenge that we didn't get done.  Still
trying to decide what we want to do with this one.
Mom and I started laying out more pieces to string together - trying to have a production line going.  Plus we lay out pieces and then we decide if we both like them - and believe me we let each other know when we don't like something the other did ;)

The finished necklace - has one of our enameled copper "iris" pendants, dyed purple crazy lace agate, yellow Czech beads, and a set of our lampwork glass beads.

I really wanted to finish this one last night - but we didn't have a big enough clasp to go with it.  As much work as mom and I put into this bib pendant I didn't want a clasp that was half ass to to finish it off.  So, at lunch today we are heading to our favorite bead store to see what they have in stock.  If there isn't anything there then this baby is going to have to wait even though I really want to take it to the show this weekend.

While mom was finishing up the flower bib necklace I started to re-string this bracelet.  I didn't like how much trouble you had with the toggle clasp, so reworking it.  It has a set of our "Kuiper Belt" lampwork beads, gunmetal spacers and black seed beads.

Tonight is the last night to finish up any last minute pieces.  Then it is load up the car and take off tomorrow morning for our show.

I hope you all had a very productive week like we did - mom and I are exhausted!!!!  But it feels so good to be creating again!!!

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