Monday, March 24, 2014

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party Partner and Enameling this Weekend

Well, I know mom and I have been away for a bit - was a little busy with a conference I attended at the beginning of the month and then an enameling weekend at Thompson Enamel and of course we are getting ready for a show this weekend - busy, busy, busy.  I do plan on sharing what happened at the conference and the weekend at Thompson but first I thought I would share an update on the Bead Soup Blog Party.

Mom and I found out who are partner is - Genny from Florida.  She teaches a lot of different jewelry techniques in Florida - mostly chainmaille. She is also an RN.  Mom and I are so excited to be partnered with her this time around.

This is what we sent Genny - sorry can't share because she hasn't seen the goodies yet.  Genny had to teach this weekend and had her mail on hold - so hopefully she has a chance to see her goodies today.

Here are the goodies we received from Genny:

Mom and I have the cookie trays out and have already laid out several ideas.  What I love about the cookie trays is that we can go in at anytime and move things around until we have the pieces perfect and ready to string.  I can't wait until we can share with you the final creations!

This weekend was a cleaning the garage/studio, finding all the inventory that needed to be repaired and laying out final pieces to assemble for the show this coming weekend.

Last year - due to wind - some of our pieces were chipped or cracked when they were knocked off the display table.  So, we tore the pieces apart so I could throw them into the kiln to repair them.  These are the pieces that had to be done.  Now just have to put everything back together.

Earrings ready to go into the kiln

Since I was repairing I thought I would enamel a few earrings and two pendants. 

Here are two pendants I also got enameled.  I am showing you the front and back side of the pendants.  I was trying two of the techniques I learned at the enameling weekend at Thompson. 

The finished enameled pieces - sorry - I have rotated the image but blogger keeps loading it wrong.  Once we have assembled the earrings and pendants I will share better pics.

So, that is what mom and I have been up to.  I will try and type up blog posts this week about Vegas and Thompson Enamel.

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  1. Love the new pendants! My son is getting married in May and I'm making the jewelry for the entire wedding party, so had to skip Lori's BSBP this year. Will always remember how much fun it was when you girls were my partners. Can't wait to see what you do with Ginny's fabulous mix!


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