Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saw, Saw, Sawing Pendants

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This was me again this morning - we had more snow yesterday.  I did shovel last night but it was still snowing when we went to be last night.  So, got up early to shovel before heading to our favorite restaurant for breakfast.  I am so done with winter!!!!

Furry side - lime green (hard to tell in the light)

Fleece side
Mom finished sewing this for me yesterday.  It is a baby blanket for a friend who is due in February, though she might have the baby early.  It is a fleece on one side and a furry, soft, cuddly other side.  Mom inserted ribbon around the exterior of the blanket for the baby to play with.  Mom and I each have one of these blankets but in smaller sizes and we love them - they are our woobies.  Thank you mom for making the blanket for me!!!!

Yesterday I got the copper out of the garage and put it in the laundry room to warm up.  I do this before I put the glue on and glue down the patterns.  Those two patterns are for the January ABS challenge and for the Echo Creative Club piece.

This is our new sawing station in the computer room.  Mom bought the island a few months ago and this is the first time we have used it.  This is so much better than freezing out in the garage as we saw out pieces.  Though I am not looking forward to enameling the pieces tomorrow - I don't think it is supposed to get up to 30 degrees.  Yup - bundling up tomorrow!!!

As I am typing this post mom is making my grandma's "Stringy Meat" for dinner tonight.  I think it is a pot roast in the crock pot.  Mom told me grandma used to not have a crock pot to make this and I am thinking how in the heck did she do it?  There is no way I could live in the past - love my electronics too much!!!!  Looking forward to dinner tonight!!!!

As I was taking a picture of mom Lilly had to get into the action - she jumped from the table to my shoulder.

And a "selfie" of Lilly as she is going after my phone and cord to the phone.

Had to share one more picture of mom's cat Zola.  She isn't a happy baby right now - she had surgery on her mouth Thursday.  They think she has a genetic disorder that is targeting her mouth and her teeth are decaying - she is only two years old.  She had six teeth pulled on Thursday and she is going to have to have four more pulled in two weeks.  As long as she doesn't lose her fangs the doctor said she should do alright.  I seriously wish I could have gotten a picture of her last night laying on mom - she was all sprawled out on mom's chest.  She is such a sweet baby and I hope they can figure out what is going on with her.

So, now that I have caught you up on what is going on - mom and I are off to finish sawing. 

I hope you all stay warm and snugly in your house and having a fun and productive weekend!

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  1. Poor Kitty!!!! Hope she is better soon! Cannot wait to see your pieces finished...i am in awe of you and your mom's work! Try to stay warm!


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