Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Heart Macro Sunday

It is I Heart Macro Sunday which mom and I have not participated in for over a month.  February was not a good month for mom and me but March seems to be coming along nicely.  Oh, and I had to give up the EB Photo Journal blog because mom was right, I couldn't keep up with it and do everything else that we do.  I am very disappointed in myself but there is only so many hours in the day.  Big Sigh!!!

I went back to some all photos because it has been nasty weather here and I haven't gotten out to take new photos for 2012.

The hort garden near where I work from 2009:

Not sure the name of these flowers but I love the bright yellow and how they are against a blue background.

I love the texture of the wings and the fuzzy body.

Love the pink of the flower.

Another bee image.

I need to charge the camera and walk around campus this week.  It is suppose to be in the 60's and 70's and possible rain on one day.

via Google

Oh, and this is our birthday week :)  My birthday is on Tuesday and mom's is on Wednesday.  I know we plan on having a sale in the shop but there maybe a giveaway too, so stay tuned.


  1. I agree I wish there were waaaay more hours in the day. Happy Birthday you two!!! : )

  2. Happy Birthday to the two of you!! Lovely shots - especially love the Vibrant Pink/Reds - I'm really liking the bees, too!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Best wishes for you and your mother.
    I like your macro photos very much.

  4. Great photographs! It is hard (impossible) to get to everything we want to do, and sad when we have to let something drop. Glad you are here this week though and sharing these photos and news of your b-days with us! Wishing you both very happy ones!

  5. OH YAY the two sweetest ladies are celebrating birthdays!!!! Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs to both of you. I know you are disappointed about the photo blog but honestly I can even keep up with mine lately so kudos to you for trying!

  6. I love, love your shots. So colorful. How did you get to close to the bee? Wonderful.

    Happy Birthday week!

  7. First off, happy birthday to you both. I hope you each enjoy your special day.

    Next, those photos are so vibrant and beautiful!! I can't imagine how you get the bee pictures. I could never get that close without being a little nervous ;)

  8. Happy birthday to you both :)

  9. Happy belated birthday! Your flowers shots are beautiful!


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