Monday, March 19, 2012

Cleaning, Two Custom Orders and Bee Hive Necklace

This is what mom was doing as I was making comments on blog posts yesterday.  I think she caught the spring clean fever and worked on cleaning up the studio.  If you look closely you can see where it is cleaned and where there is dust still on the cabinet she is working on.

Yuck - the dust!!!!

The mess to be cleaned up.

All wiped down and tools put away.

Cleaning our torch areas and her work space.

Once mom was done cleaning I started cleaning the beads I made on Saturday.  I am practicing making hollow beads and I made test beads to decide on what to use to add to the triangle necklace.

The beads made - hollow on left, test triangle beads on the right and the two in the middle are the beads I decided to use for the design of the beads.

Can't really tell that they are hollow because of the frit on top of the clear.  The one I am showing is the best of the lot.  I practiced making more hollow beads yesterday and they are bad - very, very, very bad :)

These are the test beads I made for the triangle necklace (the triangle necklace are enameled copper triangles in the colors of black, red, orange and yellow).  The beads are two black with yellow feathering, two black with orange feathering and two black with red feathering.  I didn't like them so I tried something else.

Beads I am using for the triangle necklace.  I used a base of black, orange dot with yellow dot on top and red dot on top of the yellow dot and then I feathered the dots.  I like the color and goes perfect with the triangles.

Mom and I had a custom order this weekend for a Tree of Life pendant and our wave pendant made into necklaces.

The Tree of Life necklace:

The custom order is for one of the ladies I work with.  She wanted us to make the pendant into a necklace so I asked her if she wouldn't mind just hanging the pendant on a ribbon.  She said sure, plus this gives her an option to buy more ribbon to switch the pendant out for something different.

She asked us to use the birthstone colors for March, June, July and October.  I really like how mom made the pendant - mom does good work.

Wave necklace (second order):

My friend also asked if we could make the wave pendant into a necklace and I said sure.

In the necklace I used seed beads to make the bail and accented the necklace with Sodalite and Opalite.  I really hope she likes both necklaces.

Finally, the bee hive necklace.  Mom and I finished this up on Saturday.  I assembled the necklace and mom attached the bees.

Here it is, Bee My Honey:

The accent beads are yellow pearls, hematite, lava rocks and four of our lampwork beads and the toggle clasp is gun metal.

A close up of the pendants.

Close up of the accent beads.  I wanted to try and make the lampwork beads look like honeycomb.  Not sure if I got it, but I like the beads anyway :)

One last shot of Bee My Honey.  I think mom and I do good work :)


  1. the honey bees is so summery and fun! and the studio looks GREAT!

  2. Oh Oh OH Be my honey!!!!!! Love the clean up of the studio! LOL

  3. I got hit by the cleaning fever a little while ago, but stopped before I finished everything... now I gotta find the 'get-up-and-go' to finish it all >.< My beading space has been getting little bits of tidying as I go, but needs a full do-over lol

    Those feathered beads are gorgeous! I love the colors on top of the black base :) Oohh.. maybe try a smaller version of one of those as a center for a hollow bead? lol

  4. I LOVE a clean studio...I wish I had one! I think your hollow beads are AWESOME, as are all of your other beauties! I especially love that Tree of Life...the wirework is flawless! Beautiful!

  5. love your new necklaces,
    Especially that beehive one!!!!!
    m.e. :)

  6. What a happy workspace -- and happy beads!


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