Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ann Arbor Street Fair - 3rd Annual Trip

It is the third annual trip to the Ann Arbor Street Fair for my friend Lisa and I.  We put in our vacation request a few weeks after we come back from the last trip.  I have a list all set up and ready to go for our next trip.  Each year I find something new we need to bring (umbrella, hat, sunscreen, cooler clothes, etc...).

If you would like to read about last year's trip head to this post and you can read all about it.

It is a lot of fun unless you are melting which I think will happen again this year.  Here are the temps for Thursday and Friday.
Thursday Forecast

Friday Forecast
I hope to take more pictures then I did last year and I will share.  Lisa and I leave tomorrow morning and we should arrive at the fair in the early afternoon.  We will be there all day Friday and then we come back home Saturday morning.  I hope to have a post Saturday afternoon.  Sunday mom and I will be working in the studio because I have a lot of things to enamel.  So, busy, busy, busy.  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments you left in regards to Samantha.  Mom wanted me to put a comment out there thanking you all for your thoughts.  They meant a lot to us.


  1. Have fun, keep cool, we have a heat advisory going on here too, dangerously high temps they say, over 100 without the heat index which should push us to about 115. Looking for September!

  2. The shots of the painted (crumbling paint) fire hydrants are pretty awesome. I love found art and art that creates itself over time. Kudos to you for recognizing it.


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