Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ann Arbor Trip 2011 - Hot, Damn Hot!!!!

Teaser Shot for I Heart Macro
Well, my friend Lisa and I survived our trip to Ann Arbor.  Though it was a little iffy on the drive there because we were almost creamed on the highway by a PT Cruiser.  The PT Cruiser was in the right lane and didn't check their blind spot and almost took me out in the left lane.  Was not a good start for us, but as you see we both survived.  Though the heat in Michigan almost did us in (it is not nice to be sweating in places you didn't even thought you could sweat).

This is my girl Lisa in her piggy tails.  We were doing almost anything we could to keep cool.  I think this is the slowest we ever walked at the fair, but there was no other way to get through it.  You felt like you were melting in a kiln - now I know how enamels feel when I melt them to copper (OMG HOT!!!!)!!!!

I had to share a photo of the wonderful chicken Pai Tai we had for lunch on Thursday.  This is the second time we have been to this Thai restaurant and it has yet to disappoint.

This is the fair on Friday morning.  So many more people and much cooler then it was on Thursday.  I seriously felt sorry for those vendors sitting out in that heat it was miserable.

I didn't take any photos on Thursday because it was so miserable, it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other.  Now Friday it is a different story with the camera.  The university has some old and wonderful buildings.  This is the law building and I took some pictures of it to share for I Heart Macro.

One of the hallways in the building

The arch of the hallway

Stone carving of the flowers in the arch

The side of the wall with vines growing on it

The ceiling in the hallway
That afternoon we had a storm roll through, nothing like last year, but we still went inside for some ice cream waiting for the rain to pass us by to finish up our shopping.

After the rain
I thought I would share with you what I bought this year.  I went with a different theme this year, photography.  I usually buy ceramics but this year I wanted to do something different.  I have been looking at this artist's pieces for years.  I finally broke down and purchased four of his photographs and the fifth one was free.

Bodyscapes by Allan Teger
The artist is Allan I. Teger,, and he is from Vero Beach, FL.  I couldn't pass up these photos this year, I had to have them.  I now need to get them framed up on the walls.

I found this photographer on the last day of the fair and I am so glad I did.  I love his pieces and just couldn't pass them by.

His name is Brian Kainulainen, fine art photography.  His website is and he does have a Facebook page.  Needless to say I am going to be liking him on Facebook.  The one thing I forgot to ask to see if he does old rusted cars.  I love me some photographs of old rusted cars.

This piece I bought mom.  I thought what this artist did was really interesting and I wanted to go with something new for mom too.

The artist name is Teresa Moorehouse Howley, www.teresahowley, and she does "Narrative Sculpture & Storytelling."  It is cold casting in bronze and I loved her pieces.  I had to be good and only buy one but I am hoping she is at the fair next year too.

If you have lasted this far I will show you the shots I have for this week's I Heart Macro.  Now, you have Lisa to thank for these photos because I was totally oblivious to our surroundings because I was having too much fun people watching, so thanks Lisa!!!

This was your teaser shot and this is what the shot is:

A fire hydrant - I guess they paint them and then the paint starts to come
off and gives the hydrant an awesome texture

Another shot of this hydrant
This is the second and only different hydrant I got.  I think I would love to go back just so I can find all the painted fire hydrants and get pictures of them.  I guess that is just going to have to wait until next year!

So, if you lasted this long you deserve a medal.

Now head on over to I Heart Macro and see what other people are posting today.


  1. Great post, Beth! I just "hearted" bwana at etsy. Gorgeous photographs! I love the colors and texture of your macro shot. You've got an artist's eye!

  2. WOW almost like being there!
    But, without the heat factor!
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the layers of color and patterns on those fire hydrants!
    Gosh...wouldn't a similar look be wonderful on something like ...maybe .......
    an enameled pendant !!! :D m.e.

  3. Bahahaha I got a medal!!! The fire hydrant is stunning all that yummy texture - looks like a great trip all those goodies. All that stone work is pretty amazing as well.

    Have a great day!

  4. I lasted through to the end, thank you for sharing your two day trip to Michigan. I love seeing the different textures of the stonework at the University and the fire hydrants. Those photographers do amazing work.

  5. Okay, so now I don't know which photo to comment on first! I guess that means I'll have to comment on the fair....sounds like a lot of fun, and you got some awesome finds! I'll have to check out their shops and FBs. I have to say that I love that ceiling shot you took...and those hydrants are really just awesome!

  6. It is a very nice picture indeed...I always knew that creations are basically inspirations from the elements we see on I can see how you are so amused with the colors around you.

  7. I lasted to the end and got a medal, hahaha!!!
    I love the details in old buildings and the university photos are wonderful. The fire hydrants are just awesome! I couldn't even begin to figure out what it was from the thumbnail!!

  8. I think you had a hot dam time! Love the picture of the hydrant--looks like modern art. The building look very interesting too. Glad you got home to cool off.

  9. Great photos! Those hydrants are fab!

  10. I hate that the heat was so bad on a trip you had been looking so forward to, but it still looks like y'all had a great time.

    Those hydrant shots are awesome! I love all the layers of color. Very nicely done!

  11. I love the fire hydrant shot! that is so cool! even the rust on the hydrant!
    yeah, hot all over. drink lots of water. and thanks for the medal.

  12. Wonderful pictures! I love the fire hydrants. So colorful!

  13. Wow, love that fire hydrant. My dog probably would too! LOL
    Great color and texture and I never would have guessed that was what it was.

  14. Brilliant detail of that hydrant! I'd never have guessed.

  15. Your macro shots of the hydrant are a knockout Beth. Your jewelry is just awesome - I love the enamelled pieces as well. Do hope your weekend goes well, after all the work you and your Mom have put into it!

  16. Ann Arbor Rocks! Beautiful pictures!

  17. Oh my it did look much better on friday! I so love all the pictures!


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