Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Heart Macro - Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

This was my teaser shot from yesterday's post.  It is a picture of one of the photos I will be posting here today.  Mom and I went to a horticulture park that is located just down the road from where I work.  Mom and I love this place because we find something new each time we go to take pictures.  Yesterday morning it started out a little overcast and nice and then WHAM, the sun came out and the sweat was a pouring off of both of us.  It was worth it for some of the pictures we got.

I am going to share some photos that mom took and some photos I took.  Now, don't panic, we aren't going to bore you to death with all the photos.  We are going to show you five or six  pictures that each of us took.  So, on with the picture show:

Mom's photos:

This reminded us of some sort of plant from Avatar

Looks like something from another universe

We loved the white with a pop of red

I won't even tell you what mom and I see in this picture :)

Mom and I liked this one because of the contrast of the yellow and green
The pictures I took:

Mom and I loved the center of this flower - just unreal what you can see

We loved the different colors in just this one flower

Got to love Blogger because it flipped this photo - but still love
the look of the buds on this Garden Phlox

Just wood bark on some sort of bush that I loved the texture of

Mom and I loved the color of this flower and the stamens

This was my teaser photograph.  Don't you just love being able to see the veins
of this guys wings!  Just phenomenal!

If you would like to participate, or to post your own I Heart Macro, head over to Waterstone Studio.  It is a lot of fun to play and see what everyone else is taking pictures of.

I am off to go to work today because we are testing our upgrade system before it goes live tomorrow.  I then hope to help mom finish filing and sanding the pieces that need enameled and I have a bunch of beads that need to be cleaned.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!  Oh, if you participated in our Facebook giveaway you might want to head over there and see if your name was drawn for the "Peace Sign" earrings.


  1. I love what looks like a Purple Cone Flower or Echinacea, I never realized it had those little tiny star shaped bits running around near the edge!! And the one underneath with pinks and lime and a magenta center, gorgeous!!

  2. Wonderful pictures, I love flowers. God trully showed his artistic creativity when he filled the world with plant life.

  3. What gorgeous pictures! I totally see 'them' too:)

  4. Amazing, gorgeous photos! Your garden is LUSH!

  5. How lucky you are to have a place close by to take pictures! They are beautiful and I see what you see too! :)

  6. Incredible photos again! i'm like you and your mom, I saw "them" right away, what does that say about us??LOL I really liked the flower that was magenta and pink and green with the curled petals, if you find out what that is could you let em know?

  7. Beautiful flower shots. Love the ornamental kale.

  8. I see them too....I used to have this flower in the was one of those that reseeded itself everywhere. Sounds like a wonderful day trip filled with beauty.

  9. Gorgeous photos - all of them. That little guys wings are amazing, but .... and it is a big BUT - I bet he's got one mighty sting in that tail!!

  10. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments.

    @Laura - the flower that is magenta and pink and green is called a Common Zinna - or at least that is what the sign said that was next to the flower.

  11. gorgeous shots sweetie ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  12. Beautiful photos that you both took, Beth! The texture and color are lovely.

    Hope you have a great week

  13. Just Lovely I love the teaser real one! Such richness!

  14. Your ability to capture nature is outstanding!

  15. Beautiful pictures! ...and I think I am seeing the same thing as you ...the back end of a guinea pig? Bahahahahahaha


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