Sunday, March 20, 2011

March ABS Piece

Nave Nave Moe (Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams) by Paul Gaugin 1894

For this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge piece mom and I based our piece on the color and one of the women sitting by the spring.  Mom came up with the design for the pendant, sawed it out and then I enameled the pendant based on the colors in the painting.  Below is "Island Paradise":

For accent beads I used white and clear glass and rolled the glass in red/orange frit.  We then accented the lampwork beads with red Czech beads.  To finish off the necklace we used "Fancy Fur" yarn from a stash of yarn that Juls sent us.

So, that is our piece for the March ABS Challenge.  I recommend heading over to the ABS Flickr site and checking out all the other pieces that were submitted.
If you look at the ealier blog post you can see who won our birthday giveaway.  Thank you again for all of you who participated.  Mom and I both had wonderful birthday's!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! This month's inspiration piece is the perfect one to showcase your unbelievable talent! Beautiful!

    :) Molly


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