Sunday, March 6, 2011

Accomplished A Lot and Party

Enameling Set Up
Yesterday all mom and I did was work on paperwork and prepare our portfolio to send out to be juried for shows we want to participate in this year. 

Eagle Pendants
Today I worked on enameling a commissioned piece, a Great Pyrenees head pendant, and the initial pendant for Courtney.  Mom and I made two different types of initial pendant for Courtney to choose from. 

Mom also finished putting together the necklace called "Spring".  Mom sawed out a bird pendant for me which I then enameled in the colors of a finch.  I used the last of my "egg" beads from Kelley (very sad day for me using the last of the egg beads) and ribbon from Jamn Glass.  We accented the egg beads with blue Czech beads and they are connected with Sterling Silver wire.  I am so happy with the way the necklace turned out.

I am so glad we were able to accomplish all of this before we head to my cousin's house for his birthday party.  He turned 21 on March 2nd.  I still remember when that boy was 11, when I came home from the Army, where does the time go?  We had a nice time with our family and had fun playing with my cousin's dogs.  I keep talking myself out of buying a puppy because there would be all and out war in my house with my five cats.  But I so want a puppy, oh well.

I also wanted to share some goodies mom and I received from Bee Tree by m.e.  Mom and I sort of went shopping after we hit her site during the Bead Soup Blog party.  We did have about 10 items at first but we had to wittle down our choices to four. We have to be frugal right now until we have our first show of the year, the checking account is starting to be a little bare.  Here are the gorgeous goodies we received!


  1. I love the Great Pyrenees head...we had two of them...they are gentle giants. One of our boys we have now is part Pyrenees. You did a beautiful job on it - looks just like one. The pieces you bought from Bee Tree are really pretty.

  2. Thanks so much Sandi. Mom and I love receiving feedback like this because to us, the heads are Great Pyrenees, but I think it is because we know what we are making :) Never sure what other people think until we post, so thanks!
    Love, love, love BeeTree's flower pendants. They are gorgeous! Mom and I have an idea already for the leave and I think mom has ideas for the other flowers. I can't wait to see what is stewing in mom's brain :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Mom is amazing at sawing and your enameling is gorgeous. You two are an artistic pair for sure. I love all the new pieces and I am sure without a doubt your shows will be prosperous!


  4. Love Courtney's options, "Spring" is gorgeous and I love m.e.'s work too! I wandered around her shop too during Bead Soup and she's most definitely an amazing artist.

  5. So I definitely had a "Gestalt illusion" moment with the great pyrenees. When I first looked at it, I couldn't see the dog. Then, all of a sudden, it clicked into place. It is really an amazing piece. Love the spring necklace. The bird is amazing, and the ribbons are a perfect complement to it and the eggs. Beautiful work!


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