Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quiet Flower Wednesday

Today is going to be a "quiet" flower Wednesday.  Yesterday I was not at work because of a migraine and I still have a little guy, with a big hammer, pounding on my head right now.  Mom and I were able to inventory some of the jewelry on Monday.  We need to finish up with the bowls and the necklaces.  We also have to price the stuff mom made this past weekend.  I hate doing that part because I am never sure what to price the jewelry at.  I sometimes feel I am pricing it to high and sometimes to low.  I think that is why mom and I get on each others nerves during inventorying, the pricing. 
Ok, enough of that.  Here is another flower Wednesday.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh those pictures! I love them! Migraines suck!!!!! Hope you get that little guy out soon!

  2. Lovely, particularly the last one (to me!).

  3. Beautiful pictures...hope you feel better soon.


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