Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation - Worked on Enameling and Beads

I took Friday, 21 August off and Monday, 24 August off to veg before classes started and to work on making beads for various things.

On Friday I worked on making beads for a new rosary. I used a handmade light green glass, which mom and I just love, and silver ivory stringers to make designs on the beads. I am really happy with how the beads and the cross turned out.

I also started making up gold and black beads for Julie Hendon. Julie wanted a new set of "Purdue" earrings to go with her other gold and black items. I got five beads done and I started working on another bead when the bead release on the mandrel released and I burnt myself with hot glass. Needless to say I was done after that. But I am happy with the five beads that I did get made.

On Saturday I worked on making more beads for another rosary and spacer beads for a necklace I am making. The spacer beads I am making are floral beads. The base bead is dark transparent blue, with a twisted green stringer for vines and then light blue for the flowers.

The beads I made for the one decade rosary are a base bead of dark transparent blue, with Rubio Red dots with silver foil melted on top of the dots, then frit is melted on the bead and finally I draw designs on the bead with a silver ivory stringer. I did this for the cross also. I am really happy with how the cross and beads turned out.

While I was making beads mom was teaching herself how to make a Viking Knit bracelet. We bought a book on how to make wire jewelry and that was one of the things we both wanted to learn how to make. Mom and some challenges but she finally prevailed in making a necklace. I really like how it turned out. Now mom just needs to sit down and show me how to do it.

On Sunday mom and I went over to campus to work in the metals studio. I worked on enameling mom's circles to make a bib necklace. I got 12 of the circles enameled and I have seven more that I need to enamel.

I also was able to fix the enamel on a bowl, a set of earrings, and I also enameled two pendants : a leaf pendant (that has a nice texture to it) and a Gengko leaf pendant. Mom worked on cutting out a large bowl and then she pounded the bowl into shape. I need to order some more clear enamel before I can work on this bowl. I really like how the shape turned out and I can't wait to figure out what colors I am going to make this bowl.

On Monday, I started making more floral spacer beads for my necklace. I finished off about six beads before the oxygen ran out. While I waited for more oxygen to be delivered I started taking photographs of jewelry that we hadn't taken photographs of yet. I also put together a necklace of beads that I have had done since May.

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