Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom's Birthday Gift

It has been awhile since we have posted anything, so sorry about that. Both mom and I have been a little busy with her starting her new job and my finishing up school for the semester. I thought I would start off with posting the birthday gift I made mom.

I know I have said over and over that I did not want to draw ever again. Well I broke down and drew a picture for mom’s birthday. I used a photograph of Grandma Mert holding mom when she was a baby. I love that photograph of them both. Grandma was a dish.

What made this easy to draw was that I gridded out my drawing paper and I gridded out the photograph. Don’t worry mom I photo-copied the picture and gridded it out on the copy.
The one thing I was worried about was the hair, mouth and teeth of the drawing because I am not good at that at all. I asked Gabby if she could help me with the finishing touches.

This time I took photographs of the different steps of the drawing process. I have a photograph of the picture I used, the outline of the drawing, when I started to shade, etc.

I did not get the drawing done before mom’s birthday. Once I am finished with the final shading I will have the drawing framed for mom. I did show the drawing to her on her birthday and mom said she loved it and it brought tears to her eyes. I hope those were tears of happiness and not tears of “OH, My God That was Terrible”.

Here are the photographs I have so far. Once I have the drawing I will post the final photograph.

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