Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Gift for Myself

For my birthday I decided to get another tattoo as a birthday gift to myself. I have had an idea for a tattoo for several months and I finally told mom what I wanted and asked her if she could sketch something up for me.
What I wanted was a bracelet around my right wrist of Forget-Me-Not flowers. In the middle of each flower I wanted the birthstones for mom, aunt Vickie, Brian, Kaitlyn and Skylar. I also wanted four smaller flowers at the end of the bracelet with both sets of grandparents birthstones in the middle of the flowers. I did not want a solid band between the flowers so mom drew a vine between each flower.

I did some research about the Tattooed Heart, even though mom and William have been there before, I still wanted to see the reviews from other people. I took my sketch in on the 7th of March and talked to Paul about my ideas. He said it shouldn’t be a problem and then asked when I would like the tattoo done. I said I wanted it on my birthday, Friday the 13th of March.
On my birthday I took my sketch in again and Paul made a copy of it and a stencil of the flowers. We had to make a change to the flower because the center of the flower is yellow and I wanted yellow around the center of each flower, but the flowers were too small for that. So we decided to make small triangles out from the birthstone to have the yellow in the flower.

I don’t think getting the tattoo was too bad. There were only two sensitive areas and the rest of the tattoo was fine. Once we got the placement of the flowers down, Paul did the outlining in black and then he took a smoke break. After the break he got out about 8 small cups for all the colors for the flowers and birthstones. It only took about 45 minutes for him to color in the flowers. I was so excited when he was done with the tattoo.

I am so glad I was able to get the tattoo and mom drew out my idea for me. We make a great team!
Here are some photos of the process. I still have to scan and post the sketch that mom made and I will post those pictures later.

Paul was prepping my arm for the tattoo
We are placing the stencils on my wrist.
Paul is starting to outline the tattoo
You can see the outline and the tattoo gun
Can see the ink and the gun on my skin
Paul is almost done with the outlining
The completed outline
Starting to work on the color
You can see Paul working on the side of my arm
Finshed tattoo
I will post new photos of the tattoo since the healing is done.

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