Monday, January 28, 2019

Prepping for January Art Elements Theme and Posting to Etsy

Mom and I have been working away at January's Art Elements Monthly Theme - the Moon. Mom is actually cleaning the beads I made with a flex shaft and a diamond bit. We do this with all of our beads.

Here is mom filing away at one of the pendants. If you would like to see her file for  few seconds - check out the video on our Facebook page.

We actually made two pendants for this challenge - I do have sketches I did for other ideas that I will complete when it isn't so cold out in the garage.

Mom and I use $1 cookie trays to lay out our ideas to see how the lampwork beads, accent beads and pendants will work. We also tell each other whether will like the beads being used or a big fat "NO".

Mom is wire wrapping two of the enameled pieces together. Mom said she was winging it - I think it turned out great.

I have also been slowly listing more things to our Etsy store. I did get the metal prints posted of the classic cars mom and I photographed and had infused into aluminum. I still have a few more metal prints I need to take photographs of and get listed.

I also listed this key chain - Kindness Moves Mountains. I love how these key chains are turning out. We saw out the copper, hand stamp the sayings, then texture the copper, liver of sulfur, seal and then mom assembles the key chain with tassels she makes and a key ring.

I posted two of our ThumBOWLina bowls. They are great for decorations, holding rings, and we have had customers use them in their weddings.

Mom and I just started using the sterling silver chain with the enameled copper pendants. These aren't like our double-sided pendants, but they are enameled on both sides. I have listed six of these and I have another one that needs to be photographed and then listed. I also have six pairs of earrings, the same color enameled as the pendants, that I still need to photograph and then list.

Mom and I are trying to stay busy. With it as cold as it has been - I have no desire to be in the garage. The garage is insulated and I do have heaters going, but when I turn the exhaust fan on it sucks out all the hot air. So, it isn't very fun being out there working.

We do have a whole pile of pieces that need to be sawed out. I also have ideas for a couple of pendants I would like to stamp, so need to saw out those blanks. So, doing what we can in the computer room and hope it warms up sometime so I can enamel.

Well, come back on the 31st of January when we post our pieces for the Moon themed challenge. I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created.

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