Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Editing Pictures, Making Key Chains and Gluing Patterns

New location for my new handmade teddy-bear - made from
my old BDUs.
This past weekend I worked on editing more pictures to post in our Etsy shop. This time it was earrings - and I still don't have them all listed yet.

I have been into enameling earrings now. I am having fun with the enamel colors, stencils and frit. I just ordered new enamels from Thompson Enamel and I am looking forward to playing with new colors when I make the earrings. I still need to list the smaller teardrop earrings - that might get done this week or weekend.

While I worked on editing photographs and posting to Etsy. Mom worked on gluing down patterns for bowls, plates, and pendants. This is just some of the pieces she glued down.

I also worked on stamping Sunday (Order new stamps from PJ Tools - can't wait until they arrive). We have a special Christmas order and an order for a key chain. I am also working on a bracelet bar for a friend. She liked one of our bracelets, but it was way too big for her - so making a special one for her.

I like it when mom grids out the words for me. I am still not perfect on stamping, but when mom grids out the words I am a little bit better. This is bracelet I stamped for my friend.

Once I am done stamping, I then use a hammer to texture the copper. Once I have the texture the way I like it - I put the copper in Liver of Sulfur, then sand it off and then seal the LOS.

I can't share the special order until after the Christmas. Mom is working on assembling the key chain today - so I will take photos and share later. Once my friend comes over, I am going to let her pick out the lampwork beads to assemble the bracelet. Once it has been assembled I will take pictures and share.

I am still working away with the new migrated Cloud site. Now it is all the clean up and training. At least it is keeping me busy at work :)

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