Friday, November 1, 2013

Focus on Life Week 44 - Saints, Souls, Sugar Skulls and Scares

This week's Focus on Life is: Saints, Souls, Sugar Skulls or Scares.  This is what Sally had to say for the week's picture focus:

Whether "trick or treating", celebrating the spirits and souls of loved ones that have passed, or having a scream from a scare, this week take a moment to capture a spirit, spider or any other spectacle of the season.

For this week's photo I wanted to focus on Sugar Skulls.  Mom and I have made only three Sugar Skull pieces and I loved each one of them.  It was so hard to let two of the pieces go when someone bought them and the other piece is still up for sale (though I have a friend who really, really, really wants that piece).

This first piece is a Sugar Skull pendant that actually turned out to be pretty darn big for a pendant.  We still sold it as a pendant but a woman bought it for her daughter for an ornament/window hanging.  The daughter loves collecting skulls and the mother thought it was perfect for her.

This is a "Day of the Dead" necklace I made back in 2010.  The pendant is the first sugar skull we ever made. At first I didn't like the pendant but once I put the pendant into a necklace - I LOVED IT!!!!  The lampwork beads are our "sugar beads" that we made, added chain and ribbon (our first time ever using ribbon in a piece).  It took everything I had to sell that piece and then when it sold (at the first show we had it in) I about chased down the woman asking for the necklace back :)

We still have this piece for sell - though it is now in a shadow box to display it better.  I love all the fun colors and the different designs mom sawed out in the plate.

The last of our skull pieces - this one sold the first show we displayed it.  I think it actually sold in the first 15 minutes.  A couple bought it for a friend of theirs who was getting married in a few months.  The couple who were getting married was going to have a skeleton themed wedding so the customers thought this piece would be a perfect wedding gift. 

When mom first sawed out the piece I seriously hated it - it wigged me out - don't ask me why.  But once I enameled the plate I loved it too!  I think mom had some serious sawing skills going on with this piece!

So, this is our skull and sugar skulls for this week's Focus on Life.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has for us to see!


  1. Interestingly enough your skulls don't spook me (or not too much): they are way too funny and bright for getting me scared. I love them - I always admire how perfectly you work with your mom and complement each other: one sawing, one enameling! Love it.

  2. I love the third photo - so colorful. You two do stunning work.

  3. wow those are so cool! I love the freebird for the mouth!

  4. You and your Mom are so talented! And a skeleton-themed wedding, now that is a first! :-)

  5. Great pieces! and all that sawing! We have some mad skills repersented in this group!

  6. YOur mother's sawing abilities are awesome! Love the one that you still have for sale!

  7. Your Mom is really good sawer! Those are wonderful skulls. The enamel work is great, too. good job you two!

  8. Wonderful colors. I like them all!!!

  9. Serious sawing skills for certain - these are all awesome!! Everything about them is perfect - no wonder they've all sold - and you know the one you have left will sell, too!!


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