Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enameling Weekend and House Update

Last weekend mom and I were sawing fiends and then this past weekend was enameling (until the power went out on Sunday due to the storms that went through Indiana).

These are just a few of the things mom and I sawed out to enamel - some I can't share because they are for blog hops in the future.

Because we are using mom's garage to store my stuff until I can get moved into the extension I could only have one table up for enameling and part of our torching table - it was a very tight squeeze.

Pieces just out of the kiln - that I can't share with you yet - sorry - only a few more weeks.

But, here are pieces I can share with you.  These are leaves I enameled  because we were out of leaves to sell and we have one more show this weekend.  The backside of the pendants are being enameled and then I will flip them over to do the front side.  Right now they have powdered enamel on them right before I put them in the kiln.

These are what they look like when I finished enameling them.

A flower pendant I enameled in reds and browns - though it is kind of hard to see in the lighting.

A hummingbird pendant - I thought I would try new colors - I usually make the hummingbirds in transparent colors.  This time I used opaque colors.

I finally finished the turtle plate.  Mom based this piece off a Grateful Dead album - I haven't seen the album cover so not sure what it is supposed to look like.  Though the shell has a rose and skull sawed out for the design.

Usually mom and I don't make Christmas ornaments, but we are participating in Sally's Third Annual Christmas Ornament blog hop.  So, we made several so we could pick our favorite out to send to our partner.

Our partner for this blog hop is actually Sally - now how cool is that!!!  Sorry, we can't share the piece with you because that would spoil it for Sally.  You will have to check back in a few weeks to see what we sent her and what we received from Sally.

We are also participating in Erin's 4th Annual Challenge of Color blog hop in a few weeks.  We are also working on a second piece but I am not sure if we will be able to finish that one and you will see why in a few more pictures.

So, that was our enameling session and it felt so good to be back at creating again.

Now - the house update.

I have gone ahead and took two weeks off to move into the extension and get my house ready to be put on the market.  This past Monday the city engineer was supposed to inspect the house but due to the straight line winds and tornadoes on Sunday they had to push everyone inspections back 48 hours.

But I still had things I needed to do - mom took Tuesday off to help me move my furniture over from my house to her house.

This is the back of the rental truck - we had to actually make two trips to get all my stuff over to mom's house.

This is mom's garage - with the first load packed in there.  I just had to bring over 20 more tubs of books and clothes, which we did get in there.  Just so you know - our studio is in there somewhere :)

Cross your fingers for us that the inspection gets done this week.  I seriously would love to be able to put my bed back up, move my cats over and stop sleeping on a blow up mattress :)

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