Friday, September 13, 2013

House Update and More Metal Prints

This is the calendar mom came up with to finish working on my house to get it ready to sell.  Some of the days we had to push back because we couldn't get the mulch due to holiday or weather related incidents.  But, we have got a lot done so far.

We have laid down five yards of mulch in my yard within a two day span - yes we were hauling butt to get it put down before the weather turned freaking hot!!!

Mom putting up the new houses numbers (because I don't measure) on my freshly painted trim.

Me on a 12 foot ladder painting the decorative circle over my garage.

Me with a death grip on the ladder because I don't like heights and it was pretty windy that day.  Let me tell you I will ONLY do the lower trim and not the higher trim, I will see if our contractor will do that!

We found a birds nest in George, my rose bush, when mom was trimming him back.

One egg hatched and the other didn't.  Love the colors on the shells!

They are now moving right along in the extension.  Painting should be completed today.  I have a yellow bathroom.

A granny smith apple green for my bedroom and closet.

A taupe color for the living room and I didn't take a pic (yesterday) of the accent wall which will be a very dark red.  They still need to put another coat of red on today and touch up paint on the walls.  I think next week the floors will be laid, the bathroom fixtures installed, the electrician will be there and then I think the next week the AC and furnace will be installed.  Then it is inspection time and crossing our fingers move in time.

A grill, horn and light and an old Model A

Mom and I have a show next weekend and we are both freaking out because we have not been working in the studio (our fault and no one else!).  So, we decided to order some more prints.  This time we used photos we took at a car show.

I love this one of a steering wheel and the panel and an engine of an old car that they restored.

Pictures of buildings around Purdue - the bell tower and the "P".

Love the bottom straw flower - mom and I thought it looked like a smiley face but our contractor thought it looked like a heart.  He asked if we touched it up and we said nope - that is how the flower looked.

Not sure what is going to happen this weekend - mom is hope sick with a migraine so I guess it depends on how she feels.  I know I want to pack some in the house but I also have a few pieces I want to get enameled and two necklaces assembled.  So, won't make any promises on what gets accomplished.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Sounds like it is countdown time for you two! It's looking good! Love those metal prints...your photography is awesome! I hope your Mom is feeling better!


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