Sunday, September 1, 2013

Focus on Life - Week 35 Growth and Change

This week's prompt from Sally was Growth and Change.  I think that is perfect for both mom and myself this year.

Image by EB Photo Journal (mom and myself) Quotes from Google

Mom and I are trying something new this year - putting our photos on metal prints.  We have been taking pictures for years and hoarding them but decided we wanted to start selling them.  I found a place that infuses the images onto aluminum.  So, in a few weeks, we will be taking the prints to our shows.  We also just ordered nine more prints - so cross your fingers for us in our new endeavor.

Extension update (change for both of us) - I think we have another two weeks and the extension will be done.  I am moving back home with mom because lets face it, I live over here anyway :)  It is going to be good to be back home and being closer to the studio.  Mom has printed off a calendar and has laid out what we need to do on each day for the next two weeks.  Lots of changes for both of us - me moving back home is going to be a big change!
Bathroom - ceiling done and drywalled

Bedroom and Closet drywalled and ceiling done

Living room - ceiling and drywall done

Ceiling has been textured
Work growth:  I have been in my job for almost 10 years now - I can honestly say I have kept a very low profile for almost the whole 10 years.  This past year I have gone way out of my comfort zone.  I have started teaching classes for products we provide and SharePoint navigation; given more presentations on one of the products we provide for the departments and schools to send out bulk emails; I actually volunteered to chair a committee for our department (I have never chaired anything in my entire life); putting my name out to more departments on helping with bulk email and SharePoint.  Just so you know, I drank the Kool-Aid, and I love SharePoint :)  This for me has been a major step in professional growth - when I got out of the Army I just wanted to do my job and not be in charge of anyone or anything.  Boy, times have changed!!!

Images by EB Photo Journal (Mom and Beth) Quotes from Google


  1. Great post - full of change and growth for sure!!

  2. Just love the image and the quote! I've never seen photos fused in/on metal before, sounds interesting...
    Good luck with the building work :)

  3. Love your post: so many accomplishments for both you and your mom. They sure spell both growth and change. Best of luck with all the changes (including those gorgeous prints!)

  4. Beth, I wish you and your Mom lots of success with the metal prints featuring your own photography. I think it is such a cool idea. And I've enjoyed watching the progress of your extension on Instagram. It is really coming along!
    Glad to hear you have stepped up at work and it sounds like you are facing new challenges that will further help your career. You have many wonderful changes happening right now! :-)

  5. A whole new era of growth and change is beginning for you. Embrass it and enjoy.


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