Friday, July 12, 2013

Focus on Life Week 28 - Pretty Patterns

This week's Focus on Life is Pretty Patterns.

Sally sent us the definition of a pattern and then told us to get to snapping:
  • Pattern:
    • A form or model proposed for imitation
    • Something designed or used as a model for making things
    • An artistic, musical, literary, or mechanical design or form
    • A natural or chance configuration
Mom just finished working in the garage and putting everything back where it is supposed to be.  Mom also threw out stuff we weren't using, had no idea we had that, and WTF kind of things.  So, the flood from the pop up storm, in the garage, was sort of good thing - mom cleaned out the studio.

So, now we can find things and I found the patterns we have set aside for enameled plates.

Pieces that need to have the perimeter sawed out and mom
saw out the interior

Patterns to be glued down on the copper

Piece mom is sawing out now - it is hard to tell but the white
paper has a nice green patina from the flood when it got wet
and the copper bled through - NICE
Now I am also trying to find patterns I like for a stained glass window for my bathroom in the extension.  These are some patterns I have been looking at.

I am trying to find a pattern for Forget-Me-Knots but I haven't yet.  Of course that means we have to go through all of mom's stained glass to find the perfect colors - now that will be a chore - NOT!!!  All those pretty colors to look at.

Thanks for stopping by.  To see everyone else's patterns head on over to The Studio Sublime.


  1. Stunning!
    I love the turtle and that last stained glass pattern is glorious

  2. You've got some great patterns here - I love the turtle - he's so cool! And the stained glass patterns are gorgeous - I particularly love the fish, it's so vibrant.

  3. Love the pattern of the turtle your mom is sawing out, what intricate work she does.

  4. Would love to see the fish and the turtle once they've been enamalled ... the look awesome. Have fun with your bedroom window. I just finished the last window for a B&B in Saint JOhn NB... I think the total count was 11 windows and an insert for the dining room door... Took 12 years...

  5. Another good reason to clean; you find things you forgot about. I love those patterns and the stained glass windows, but my favorite is the cutout turtle. It's gorgeous!

  6. Love your patterns! The turtle is amazing!

  7. I love hearing about how you and your mom collaborate, but did I read it right? She cleaned out the garage? Guess you were busy elsewhere (LOL).

  8. I'm always amazed by the intricate patterns in your work!

  9. Oh man, your patterns are amazing! I especially LOVE the sea turtle and those skulls, too - wow! I think the stained glass patterns you have are amazing as well and the colors are so beautiful. How lovely to have the sun shine through those!

  10. Oh, my, that turtle is amazing! all your patterns are beautiful (and I'm trying to imagine them enameled), but that turtle... absolutely stunning.

    Do a search for 'stained glass forget-me-not' and you'll come up with some pretty patterns (I loved this one the most:

  11. Love the turtle! Buff him and hang him....he is beautiful just like he is! And the stained glass....I love the dragon! I think doing stained glass windows would be so cool! All those colors......

    Thanks for a great post.


  12. So many pretty patterns! Love them all. I can't wait to see the pieces cut and enameled.

  13. That turtle is amazing! As far as the stained glass, because of your love of dragons, the dragon would be my choice!

  14. You two are so talented! Love the turtle... lots of sawing there.


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