Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Extension Update - So Excited!!!!

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I love Calvin and Hobbs and this is was a perfect picture to show how excited I am about how far they are on the extension.

So, without further ado here you go:

Siding is going up - what they did was take the old siding from the back of mom's house and put it on the side of her house facing away from everyone.  Now I think mom has made the decision to just have the whole house re-sided.  When you stand at the corner of the house (to the left) and look at the new siding and the old siding - the old siding looks really, really, really bad.  So, because the house has to be appraised when this is all done mom made the decision to have our contractor just re-side the whole house (that made him happy and mom happy!).

The wiring was put in on Sunday and Monday.

Plumbing was put in today - they are running the pipes through the ceiling.  Those red and blue pipes will expand 30 times their width (or something like that - can you tell I am not a contractor or plumber?).

Mom and I had no clue what this pipe was doing running into the ceiling so we asked - it is a sewer vent so the smell doesn't back up into your house.  Things you learn.

The plumbing for the sink and the toilet. 

And of course the best part of the extension - my big honking shower!!!!  I LOVE IT and it is mine, all mine I say!!!!

I think the wiring and plumbing is going to be inspected tomorrow and the a/c unit will be installed sometime this week.  I just brought over the paint (loved the paint from my house and wanted the same paint colors in the extension) so the guys could get their brand of paint to paint the extension when the walls are up.  Thank goodness they paint and they said they would paint the interior for us - now that brought on a major happy dance there!!!!!

That is it - sorry nothing new to show you guys on things we have made lately - too busy with the kids.  Last night mom worked in the garage to clean up the mess we had from the flood a few weeks ago.  We still need to get the inventory out and make sure nothing was damaged - I guess we should do that soon since we have a show in three weeks.

I hope we can get into the studio this weekend - I have some major ideas going on but need to be able to move to get things done.  Stay tuned for updates on new jewelry pieces and extension pictures.


  1. Looking good - so very exciting for you!

  2. Yeah!! So happy for you both! This is going to be awesome!

  3. Hope you don't have anything damaged from the flood. We are having lots and lots of rain in VA. I spent a week in Indiana - all rain. Came home to all rain. So ready for some dry weather.


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