Monday, April 8, 2013

Working in Mom's Yard and Focus on Life Week 14

This was a busy weekend working in mom's yard this whole weekend.

This is an image of mom's back yard right now after the lawn people removed the front tree, moved one of the trees to the front, removed another tree (that couldn't be transplanted) and moved another tree to the back corner of her yard.  She also had two large pine trees removed that she never liked.  As you can see her yard is a mess and I am not looking forward to trying to mow it.  I don't think it really hit mom until she saw the yard that her yard was going to be messed up by the time all the construction is done.  Oh - also while moving bushes to make a flower bed for mom they cut our Internet.  We have been without internet since Thursday night - how in the world did we live without Internet?????

So, because there was no Internet I helped mom in her yard all weekend (both of us feel old after all that work!).  So, mom and I went to Wrede's Rocks and got three yards of mulch.  I love driving this truck - it isn't a 5-Ton or a Hummer, but it is fun!

Mom smiling at me because I was having so much fun!

This is the front flower bed we got done.  I dug the holes for all the plants, mom planted them, and then put mulch on top.  It is hard to see but there is a flower bed going down the side of her garage.  Plus you can see the other plants, up by mom, that need to be planted still.

This is the front flower bed on the other side of her garage.  We cut out more limbs from the Choke Berry bush, pulled up some of her flowers mom wanted to re-plant in the back of the yard, cleaned out old stuff and laid down mulch.

This was a blessing when it came time to move the dirt and mulch to the back yard but let me tell you it was a pain in the ass to put together with "Man Instructions".  Lots of swearing was going on!!!!

This is a large flower bed mom and I made back in 2004, I think.  I cleaned out all of last years dead flowers and leaves, put more dirt in the large circle, and then mulch into all of the circles.  Like I said that wheelbarrow was very helpful!!!!

This is one of the flower beds the lawn guys made - we cut down the ornamental grass, mom re-planted her flowers and then we put down more mulch.  Back along the fence is where mom has one of her clematis bushes that I cut down, mom filled with more dirt and I filled with mulch.

The other flower bed the lawn guys put in - we cut down the ornamental grass, mom planted the tulips and then put down more mulch.  Mom and I want to make this flower bed bigger by going around the electrical boxes and pulling the front flower bed out more.  Again, along the back fence is another clematis bush that I cut down, filled with dirt and mulch.  So, this weekend was busy and kept us from thinking about not having Internet.  Next project is finish some of mom's flower beds and then it is off to my house to work in the yard.  I hope we both survive this!

I know I am a little late for Focus on Life Week 14 - Up Close.  This is my favorite type of pictures, the macro shot, especially of flowers.

This is a close up of the tree that was moved to the front of mom's yard.  Mom and I didn't realize it that there was moss all over the tree.  I just love the color and texture!

This one is near the bottom of the tree and I just made it the wallpaper on my phone.  Love, Love, Love the color and textures!

One of the branches.

So, that was our weekend.  This week is going over our inventory because we have a two day show the last weekend of April.  Need to see what we have, what needs tagged, and what still needs to be made.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an awesome week ahead!


  1. Holy smokes, I can see why you both feel "old". You did a lot!

  2. We spent the entire week-end in our yard, too! My husband plants and I weed - there's alot to do on two acres. I swear some of those weeds had already grown back before I even shook the dirt off my shoes! I'm amazed at what you two accomplished in a week-end.


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