Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Whole Lot Going On

I thought I would start off with a picture of Sasha Bear helping me out on the computer.  He is such a lover and wants attention but I am trying to get the Etsy shop back open and several pendants listed.

Another image of him sprawled out on the paperwork for the Etsy listings.  Currently he is again facing the keyboard and he is snoring away.

Well, I didn't post the photo a day yesterday which was Fun.

This is my fun - torching and making beads.  Mom and I have several custom orders (beads for a necklace, earrings and a five decade rosary).  The five decade rosary may kill me because I make a lot of extra beads in case some are wonky looking, not the same size or flat bottoms - a lot of beads will be made.

Today's photo of the day is a Bird.

Mom and I like to walk on campus and take pictures.  We just happened to walk by one of the fountains and saw this bird playing in the water.  The bird was having a lot of fun getting wet.

Next on the list of things I just got done was listing three new pendants on Etsy.

Enameled Copper Hummingbird
Colors are transparent purples, greens and black
Enameled Copper Hummingbird
Colors are transparent blues, greens, red/orange and black
Enameled Copper Hummingbird
My favorite color mix (Peacock) misc. opaque blues/greens and black
I wanted to also share with you two things that came in the mail this past week.

Paisly Cuff Bracelet - Kristi Bowman Designs
Kristi did a blog post on Paisley in the House back on April 20th.  I fell in love with this cuff bracelet for a friend of mine.  I have made up some Viking Knit and I have asked mom if she can put it all together for me.  I can't wait to see the end result and give it to my friend for watching my fur babies last week when mom and I were at the Nappanee show.  Of course if my friend doesn't like the bracelet I think I will swipe it for myself :)  LOVE THIS CUFF!!!!  You can go to Kristi's blog here and her Etsy shop here.

My other surprise in the mail were these:

Polymer Clay beads from Heather at My Muse
Back in mid-April Heather were given these cuties away and of course I signed up for them and won.  Love them!!!  Mom and I have several ideas already and I can't wait to see what we create.  You can check out Heather's blog here.

I thought I would finish with a photograph of what my wonderful and crazy/stupid mother was doing as I was listing pieces on Etsy and writing this blog post.  I was suppose to help her but she is too stubborn for her own good sometimes!!!!

I was suppose to help mom cut down the HUGE, I mean GINORMOUS, ornamental grass and lilac bush.  The ornamental grass is at least 8-10 feet around and the lilac bush was pretty tall.  Mom knows I hate working in the yard, but for that I would have helped her cut the damn thing down.  Sometimes my mother, just want to choke her :)

Okay, I am off to finish some more of our long list of items to get done.  I hope you have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Cracks me up! The love you feel between you and your Mom comes through the words for sure. I actually planted 2 lilacs a couple years ago and this will be my first year with blossoms.... only to be leaving in 2 weeks for good. Will have to plant at least one more at our new place as I've always wanted one. Out of curiosity... in case I should beware... how come you cut yours down?

    I love your enameled hummingbirds! All the colors are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful Sasha Bear!! Beautiful Hummingbird! Can't wait to see what your mom creates with the Paisley Oval!!!!

  3. Hi Beth,
    Sasha Bear is a beautiful cat and she loves you so very much or she would not be laying all over your papers while you are trying to work LOL! Are you making all of the beads for the 5 decade rosary? If so that is a lot of bead making I can understand your worries. Your Mom does like my Mom, she does not wait for my help either. I think it is just wishful thinking on your part that your friend will not like the bracelet, I think you will not win on that one.

  4. Your fun was way more interesting than my fun!


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