Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day and a Show

Happy Veteran's Day to all of those who served and those we are still serving!
Me in the field at Fort Hood - Love my doo rag :)

Mom and I just got back from Applebee's where I received a free meal for being a veteran.  I am so proud to have served and thanks for all the companies and restaurants who are serving free meals to all of our veterans!

Me at PLDC dinner night before graduation
In two days it will be also 20 years since I went to basic training.  On November 12th, grandpa Lee and my best friend Crystal drove me to Indy to spend the night in a hotel and the next day, bright and early, I was loaded in a bus and then a plan to head out to Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Wow, where did the time go?  And dang, I was skinny!!!! :)

Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday mom have a show at the Frankfort Public Library.  This is their fund raising event and it is a big one.  This is our second year participating in the show and we love it!  Today, at 5:00pm they will open the doors to the patrons for about two hours before they will open the doors to the public.  The patrons will come early, and even set up chairs so they can be the first ones in line.  The more people the merrier I say!  This is mom setting up the one table we get, so we go up to try and put out as much inventory as possible.  I also stay out of moms way when she is setting up, she gets a little psycho.

Left side of the table

Right side of the table

The whole table
I am just going to finish up this post with a couple of images.  One is of a bowl mom just finished up called "Fairy Jewels".  I don't think I showed off the rosary and bracelet I made for a friend's 60th birthday.  I think I talked about it but never showed pictures.  What I did was use the birthstone colors of her two children and her four grandchildren to make the beads.  I also mixed the colors of her two children to make the cross.  I love making rosaries like that, using birthstone colors to make it personal for that person.

Czech glass beads are the dew drops on the flower

Top view - colors used were transparent yellows and purples
Here is the rosary and bracelet.  I made the bracelet out of the extra beads I had.

Five Decade Rosary

Close up of the cross
Well, that is it for now.  I will be taking more pictures tonight and this weekend and I plan on sharing. 

Again, Happy Veteran's Day and thank you all for serving!


  1. Thank YOU for serving our country, Miss Beth! I am proud of you and you deserve our praise for your sacrifices. Good luck at the show. I love that fairy bowl!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. with much gratitude, I thank you and all our Veterans for their service to our county.
    Many blessings to all,


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