Sunday, November 6, 2011

Enameled Pieces and Finished Jewelry

I had to start off with a new picture of Zola.  I still can't get over how much she has grown since mom got her.  She now can jump on top of the garbage can and get into my set up for taking pictures.  She sure does not want to be ignored, so she isn't spoiled or anything :)

Today was an enameling session for me and tagging/inventorying for mom.  We have a show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so tag, tag, tag and inventory, inventory, inventory.

Today I enameled two wall hangings and rose pendants for the November Art Bead Scene Challenge.  One of the wall hanging we had to chip off the enamel because the yellow and oranges did not like the cold weather last week, so I had to enamel this piece in different colors.

Guardian of the Wood
I usually like enameling this piece in transparent yellows, reds/oranges/ and transparent greens.  Like I said the yellows and oranges sure didn't like the cold last week so mom had to take the hammer to the back to get the enamel off.  Sure was interesting trying to get all of the old enamel off.

Venetian Mask
Sorry, I need a better picture of this piece because this just does not do it justice.  There is white, red, transparent greens, transparent purple/pink, and dark greens.  Mom did a fabulous job sawing out this piece and I think I did a great job enameling it.  I will see if I can get a better picture later this week.

This months ABS Challenge piece is called Madonna Pietra degli Scrovigni by Marie Spartali Stillman, Watercolor, gouache and gum arabic.  Mom had the idea of using a set of roses we hadn't enameled yet and acid etch beads to create our piece for this months challenge.

We don't have the piece assembled yet, but at least it is laid out.  Maybe we can get it done sometime this week.
The October ABS Challenge piece was A Hedgehog in Landscape, 1643-51, bodycolor on vellum by Giovanna Garzoni.  Mom and I didn't get the piece done before the end of the month, but we did finally get it put together yesterday and pictures today.

Mom sawed out a hedgehog and then I enameled it with ivory and transparent chestnut brown.  We used some of the beads I made and etched with ribbon from ColorKissedSilk on Etsy.

Mom and I also finished putting together some necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the show this coming weekend.  Here they are:
Necklace with our Kuiper Belt beads, pearls and Cathedral
Czech beads

Kuiper Belt beads to make a bracelet


Our Purple Passion beads with Czech beads to make
a bracelet

Victorian Dream - our beads with a polymer clay pendant
from Singing Cat Studio

Close up of the beads and pearls


Winters Kiss -with our sugar beads and Czech beads

Close up of the beads

Earrings with acid etch beads

Earrings with acid etch beads
That is it for us.  I still have six more bowls to enamel and I will try and do those before our show either Thursday night or early Friday morning.  So much to do and so little time.  I am now off to go grocery shopping and clean my house, or at least vacuum.  You all have a great Sunday!


  1. oh Zola is so cute and fluffy...
    what stunning pieces your beads are so yummy

  2. Zola is a cutie patootie! I love all of your pieces you and your Mom do beautiful work. The enameled roses are perfect for this month's ABS challenge. Best wishes on the up coming show.

  3. You two are amazing as always! Love the hedgehog! Looking forward to seeing your November ABS piece. Of to a cool start...

  4. Busy, busy! I love that little hedgie and I am so glad that you both persevered to get it done! Enjoy the day.

  5. Hello Kitteh!!! Wow what an amazing amount of work here I hope you guys had a great show ! I am in love with all those raku beads!!!

  6. You guys have been busy, busy, busy!! I need to get more organized! The pieces are beautiful!!
    I can't believe how big Zola is already getting!

  7. OMG! You guys have really been busy...gorgeous pieces...I love the hedgehog and Lola is so cute.


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