Friday, February 8, 2019

Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be a Dragon...Then Always Be a Dragon

My package arrived!
Yesterday was not a good day at work - nothing was going correctly in SharePoint - and the day seemed to never end.

I called mom and told her I was on my way home and I had a bad day - she said something arrived that would cheer me up - and she was correct.

My little dragons arrived!
I have been waiting anxiously for this little gems to arrive.

Photo from Sally Sutherland's Facebook page.

Early in January Sally said she had attempted to make dragons and they were in the kiln. I was waiting and waiting and waiting to see when she was going to list them - and finally the notification came on her Facebook page. I love dragons - I have been collecting them since I was in high school and one day I really want a tattoo of dragon.

I had my alarm set to make sure I was at my computer to get ready to buy some dragons. So, at 1:00pm Eastern - I was on the Etsy site (had Paypal up) and started buying dragons. 

I don't think I had so much fun in a long time. The first one I bought was the little turquoise one in Sally's banner. I tried to purchase the red one, but he sold fast. I also tried to purchase the little black guy, but he was gone. So, I went to the next ones I really wanted - I am sure there are some very angry customers with me - because I grabbed my other two little guys and I saw they were in other people's carts. I was hitting that buy button like no one's business - and I got them. I think my heart was pounding more in those five minutes then the whole time I work out :)

So - here are my little treasures:

The first one I bought - doesn't have a name yet - but he will

It is hard to tell - but there is blue going through the black.
So much fun looking at all the details
Isn't he adorable - I love that little heart!

After looking them over and being amazed with the details I had to figure out where I wanted to place them because I want to see them every day.

I have a curio cabinet that used to be my grandparents that I have all my glass goodies. I found the perfect spot for them.

There are in perfect company with my two Luccio Bubbaco pieces and my Emilio Santini pieces. I also have some other glass pieces from local artists.

I am overjoyed with my little dragons and my lost girls from Sally Sutherland. If you have not seen her work - you need to follow her on Facebook. If you want one of her lost girl beads you have to be very fast. Mom and I have a total of three of her lost girls (two of them I special ordered from Sally - one was for mom and the other was for me and the third one I was on Etsy so fast my head spun so I could buy her).

Check Sally out - you won't be disappointed!

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