Tuesday, April 24, 2018

We Are Back - Pretty Pieces to Share

We are back and we are currently prepping for our first show of the year. The show is in Plainfield, Indiana called The Arts Gala. Mom and I have never done this show, so we are super excited to see how it enfolds. This is actually a three day show - and I am so glad mom is retired now and has more time to devote to the business.

Besides getting ready for the show - I have been enameling like a fool. I have enameled bowls, earrings, double sided pendants, necklaces and plates.

So - here is a look of what we have been up to since mom has retired (though she is disappointed in herself that she hasn't got more done, but she had an infected tooth and that played havoc with all of her plans for retirement).

These are our ThumBOWLina bowls. They are little bowls that you can use for decorations or place your rings in.
We have had a person use our bowls in a wedding. They put their wedding rings in the bowl, and then passed it around the guests asking them to put their well wishes on the rings.

These pieces are displayed in our shadow boxes.

Double Sided Pendants:
I enamel different designs on each side of the pendant - so you get one pendant with two different designs.

Some of the earrings have been assembled and the rest are being put together before the show.

Assembled necklaces:
The polymer clay pendant is from Swoondimples.
Enameled copper pendant, our lampwork glass beads
and stones.

Enameled copper pendant, our lampwork
glass beads and howlite beads.

Enameled copper pendant, our
lampwork glass beads, gunmetal
beads and a pewter clasp.
I hope you enjoyed what we have created in the last few months. Mom and I hope to also start participating in challenges again. We have asked to join the April Theme - Horses on Art Elements. We also want to start participating in the monthly challenge on Art Beads again. So, more pieces will be sure to follow.

I will share pictures of this weekends show next week.

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  1. Amazing bold colors and designs. Love the summery boho earrings.


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