Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi From Mom and I, Exercising and Bells

Just wanted to blog and say hi from mom and me. We have been taking it easy and not doing much. We did sign up for several art shows and I told mom we needed to saw out some things this weekend. Also, mom said she needed to get EB ready for taxes (joy, what fun).

I have started exercising again at my favorite place, Studio b. At the beginning of December they had a fitness challenge that went through the first week of January. If you filled up each layer of the snowman you got prices. Well, I ended up filling up the first snowman and starting on a second, which I got the bottom filled up. I am really proud of myself.

To keep the momentum going into the new year, Studio b started another fitness challenge that runs until the end of the month. Unfortunately, this week I didn't go since Saturday. I fell Saturday on the ice and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had a migraine (those are so much fun - NOT!). So, I plan on going tonight because I have actually missed working out. I will be lucky if I can finish off the "0" and the "1" - but I still feel great about what I have accomplished!

And of course I had to share pictures of Bells. She is getting so big - and I have only had her several months. She is such a mush and pain in the rear to the other cats - she wants to play with them so bad but they don't want to have anything to do with her.

Of course if she didn't attack them they might want to play. Bells has a real attraction to Koshka's tail - she goes after that tail like nobody's business. Poor Koshka - she is old and will not have any of it. Though Koshka did really good the other night when Bells was licking her head. Koshka put up with it for about 10 minutes and then she was done.

I think what I love most about Bells is how she sleeps on the comfy couch with me. She just sprawls out and crashes. I have never figured out how cats sleep they way they do - but they sure make good pictures.

So - that is it for us. Hopefully I can share pics of what we work on this weekend. Cross your fingers :)

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