Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Flowers and Cleaning

This past weekend mom and I went to the little hort park over near where I work. We wanted to take the first flower pictures of the year. The only flowers up right now are the daffodils and the drumsticks. Though a lot of the flowers look like they are ready to start making an appearance - I think this is my favorite time of the year - besides fall.

Here are two more pictures I took - like I said only the daffodils and drumstick were blooming.

This weekend mom and I were also working in the garage (spring cleaning) and I also worked on ordering more metal prints for our show next month.

This is a pile of tray with stray beads on it that we need to go through. When we tear apart a piece we just put all the beads on this tray (I think this is three years worth of beads). Mom decided to start tackling this project. It is kind of fun seeing all the beads that are coming out of that tray and trying to remember what we used them for.

The new metal prints we ordered - of course we ordered more angels and more flower images. The angels are given on the selection but mom and I discuss what flower images we like (can you see the one from this past weekend we ordered?).

And finally - mom started stringing necklaces together. Since she hates to crimp I will finish off all of these pieces for our show in a month. Seriously I still can't believe it is April and we have our first show of the year on May 16th. I think panic has set in for mom and I - we seriously need to get our butts into gear and create more pieces!!!!

So - what kind of weekend did you have?

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  1. Love both your necklaces in progress. I'm with your Mom - I love the look of strung necklaces, but use them sparingly in my designs for only one reason: crimps!


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