Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Second Annual Sleepy Creek Craft Show

Mom and I participated in the second annual Sleepy Creek Salt Fork River Art Festival (a juried show) and it was awesome! We were a little worried on Saturday because it was foggy and overcast as we were driving to the winery. The day was pretty overcast, but that didn’t stop people coming out and enjoying the day. This year Joe and Dawn had more vendors set up. There was a blacksmith this year, and it was so much fun watching him work; I know mom really enjoyed watching him work since she wanted to be a blacksmith when she was younger. There was diversity of arts for the customers to enjoy. Mom and I had the same spot that we did last year. We sat and looked over the pond; it was very peaceful watching the water, hearing the wind through the trees, and photographing hummingbirds right behind our shelter.

Saturday was a nice day until about an hour and half before the end of the day; a large storm came through. Mom and I had decided to go ahead and close up the tent and take off. It is a good thing we did because right when we finished tying down the tent, there was a downpour and lightening. What fun! Sunday, Mom and I kept our fingers crossed for good weather because it was again overcast and foggy as we drove to winery. But the weather was surprisingly nice the rest of the day; the sun came out and it just gorgeous.

Both Mom and I love Sleepy Creek because the customers really appreciate the work an artist puts into creating their pieces. We usually do really well at this art show, and this year was not an exception. We sold three of our enameled bowls and a few of our more expensive necklaces. I had one gentleman come in and look at our stuff and made the comment it was a good thing his daughter was not here with him. He stopped and looked at a grey and pink flameworked glass necklace and then left the booth. Later, I left to go into the winery (for another wine slushie) and Mom said the gentleman came back and bought the pink and grey necklace for his daughter. I was so excited because that is one of the best flameworked necklaces I have made, and I love it when someone shows appreciation for my work.

I am including pictures of our booth, photos of the vendors, and customers walking around on a gorgeous Sunday. Both Mom and I are looking forward to next year’s art festival!
The winery through the trees

People waiting at the bar for wine tasting or slushies

People enjoying the sun and looking out on the pond

People walking around the various vendors

Vendors located around the pond

Our Booth

Mom working

Hummingbird behind our booth

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